This morning volunteers persevered the weather to make a difference in our community by picking up litter and other debris from area roadways and the Central Community Circle Neighborhood.

As site coordinators prepared to cancel, approximately 45 volunteers came out and decided to forge ahead despite the conditions. Volunteers were able to remove over 30 bags of litter and other debris, including a sign, from portions of N Brady, Welcome Way and W Kimberly Rd. Their efforts were much appreciated.

With rain hampering some of the cleanup efforts, a rain date of April 29th to clean up area roadways has been scheduled. While many volunteers will be returning for the rain date, additional volunteers are still needed and welcome. Sign-up to join us in making our community’s corridors more inviting and preventing litter from making it to our waterways at

While volunteers cleared area roadways, a cleanup of another kind was also taking place in Davenport’s Central Community Circle Neighborhood. A little over 40 individuals from the neighborhood group removed another 30+ bags of litter and other debris and 2 cubic yards of illegally dumped material between 4th and 10th Streets between Warren and Marquette.

What a great spirit of community shared by all involved today. Volunteers in today’s events are sure to have stories to tell in years to come. Smiles, comradery, fun and laughter were a common thread among volunteers, and at least one volunteer profited by finding a $5 bill.

Among those who turned out to volunteer today were volunteers from: the Davenport Rotary Club, the Quad City Lodging Association, Davenport’s West High School, Davenport’s Fire, Police and Public Works Departments, the Central Community Circle Neighborhood Group, Jefferson Elementary, One Eighty, 1st Ward Alderman, Rick Dunn, 8th Ward Alderwoman Kerri Tompkins, and few especially dedicated individuals.

Thank you for making a difference in our Community.


See Photos at the following link: