Thank you Rotarians for making your contributions through Birdies for Charity to help benefit the Scholarship fund!
Thank you to the following Rotary Club of Davenport Rotarians for making your 2018 contributions through Birdies for Charity: Ken Beck, Bill Burress, David Chanez, Patt Englander, Eloise Graham, Stephen Gray, Annette Horvath, Mary Huebbe, Glen Hummel, Roger Killion, Gary & Judy Loss, Don Luethje, Mary Macumber-Schmidt, Larry Minard, Sherry Ristau, Jack Rosenberg, Tim Schiffer, Maggie Tinsman, Carl Toole, Marvin Volz, Melissa Wegener, Liz Zimmerman Waldman and Mark Zimmerman.
Contributions made through Birdies for Charity totaled $2,132.30. Also, Birdies issued the Rotary Club of Davenport a bonus check of 8.2% - in the amount of $174.85.
All monies received will benefit the Rotary Club of Davenport Scholarship Fund. Thank you again!