A note from Rotary Club of Davenport President Jacqueline Holm (01.25.2021)
RE: In Person Meeting Update
​Hello Rotarians, 
I trust you are well, and that everyone is hard at work on those New Year's Resolutions! After our board meeting on Wednesday, I wanted to update you as soon as possible on the status of our in-person meetings. 
We have decided that we will resume in-person meetings Monday, February 22, 2021 at noon. President's Day is the week before and we will not have a meeting, so we thought this date would be a good time to resume. Unless there are any ordinances form the Governor instated before the 22nd, we will be back at Thunder Bay, in-person. 
Please understand this was a decision the board did not take lightly. We value your safety and will continue to offer a zoom option until the end of my Presidency at least. As Rotarians, we value fellowship and camaraderie and without this we felt like the Club was missing something. This led us to the decision to resume meetings. We will  be socially distanced during the meal, meals will be plated, and we are allowing for attendance to be counted in-person or online. 
We look forward to the New Year and hope that our Club is ready to get back to some in-person fellowship! Feel free to reach out to me via the contact info below if you have any questions or concerns.